Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Chad (Tchad)

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Deaf education & youth Deaf history and current events Tchadiens en langue des signes, تشادي لغة الأشارة (Chadian Sign Language)

Deaf education & youth

CBM. Ecole Evangélique Tchadienne pour les Sourds (EETS). Location: N'Djamena. Eine Gehörlosenschule in der Hauptstadt N'Djamena. Potenziell können etwa 600.000 Menschen erreicht werden. Das Projekt bietet für Gehörlose Grund- und Sekundarschulbildung sowie Berufsausbildung. CBM/CBMI finanzieren die Ausbildung von Sonderschullehrern und stellen Lehrmittel zur Verfügung.

Surdité en Afrique. 14. TCHAD: École évangélique tchadienne pour les sourds, B.P. 1153 N'diaména; Centre d'Éducation pour les sourds, B.P. 27 Sarh; École Ephphatha pour les sourds, B.P. 15 Mountou.

Deaf history and current events

Miles, M. (2005). Deaf people living and communication in African histories, c. 960s - 1960s. There is strong documentary evidence that deaf or hearing impaired men and women, girls and boys, did occupy social space and took roles across the full spectrum of life throughout Africa in earlier centuries, living lives like everyone else and also having some different experiences. Traces and signs of deaf people appear in many sorts of historical document, such as travellers' accounts, legal and genealogical records, government, institutional and missionary archives, linguistic studies, literature, folklore, religious narrative, mime, dance and drama. Many of their experiences have involved severe economic poverty and adversity, stigmatising attitudes and exclusionary practices; yet this has not been the norm everywhere in Africa, and many deaf people have shown great resilience, perseverance, humour and ingenuity in their dealings and communications with the non-deaf world.

Tchadiens en langue des signes, تشادي لغة الأشارة (Chadian Sign Language)

Chadian Sign Language: A language of Chad.

stained glass ballKamei, N.

golden marble bullet(n.d.).The Birth of Langue des Signes Franco-Africaine: Creole ASL in West and Central French-speaking Africa. Langue des Signes Franco-Africaine (LSFA) is a generic term for sign languages widely used among the Deaf in French-speaking West and Central Africa with two distinctcharacteristics, loan signs from ASL and an influence based on spoken/written French. Inshort, LSFA can be defined as a generic term for creole sign languages consisting of ASL and French in Africa.

golden marble bullet(2006, December 25). History of Deaf people and sign languages in Africa: Fieldwork in the "kingdom" derived from Andrew J. Foster. Tokyo: Akashi Shoten Co., Ltd. 月刊言語』書評で紹介 (2007年6月号) 毎日新聞全国版の書評で紹介 (2007/02/18)『アフリカのろう者と手話の歴史』刊行 (2006/12/25)