Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Gabon (Gabon)

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Deaf culture

Publications and presentations by KAMEI Nobutaka.

Research interests of KAMEI Nobutaka. Studies on the Deaf communities and sign languages in Africa - Fieldwork in Cameroon and Gabon.

Deaf education & youth

Surdité en Afrique. 8. GABON: École Nationale des sourds Muets, B.P.13206 Libreville

Deaf history and current events

Rich, J. A workman Is worthy of his meat: Labor disputes, food and identity in Colonial Libreville 1860-1900.

Gabon Sign Language

stained glass ballKamei, N.

golden marble bullet(n.d.).The Birth of Langue des Signes Franco-Africaine: Creole ASL in West and Central French-speaking Africa. Langue des Signes Franco-Africaine (LSFA) is a generic term for sign languages widely used among the Deaf in French-speaking West and Central Africa with two distinctcharacteristics, loan signs from ASL and an influence based on spoken/written French. Inshort, LSFA can be defined as a generic term for creole sign languages consisting of ASL and French in Africa.

golden marble bullet(2006, December 25). History of Deaf people and sign languages in Africa: Fieldwork in the "kingdom" derived from Andrew J. Foster. Tokyo: Akashi Shoten Co., Ltd. 月刊言語』書評で紹介 (2007年6月号) 毎日新聞全国版の書評で紹介 (2007/02/18)『アフリカのろう者と手話の歴史』刊行 (2006/12/25)