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Artistic interpreting: Music, poetry, literature, and theater

Kohyin. (2007, November 25). Sakura Song with Hiragana & JSL.Japanese flagSign Language iconThis is another video clip I editted based on IPA's free educational video clip featuring a Japanese classic song: Sakura, done in Japanese Sign Laguage, I added Hiragana for Japanese learners.

Lead. Night Deluxe (Sign Language Version).Japanese flagSign Language icon

letsignlanguage.Japanese flagSign Language icon

golden marble bullet(2007, September 03). 酒井法子_碧綠色的兔子_KTV.

golden marble bullet(2007, September 08). 酒井法子_鏡之水月_MTV.

PommeFrite. (2006, December 8). Japanese Sign Language Dance.Japanese flagSign Language iconAt "Polle Polle Festival" in Yokohama.

taka1964yuki1998. (2007, December 7). 世界がひとつになるまで.Japanese flagSign Language iconフルコーラスを手話で表現してみました。

tanadashigeru.Japanese flagSign Language icon

golden marble bullet(2007, July 23). Psalm23.

golden marble bullet(2007, January 9). 越谷市の歌1. 越谷市の歌を手話に翻訳しました。

golden marble bullet(2007, January 9). 越谷市の歌 その2. 越谷市の歌その2を手話に翻訳しました。

golden marble bullet(2007, January 9). 越谷市の歌 その3. 越谷市の歌 その3を手話に翻訳してみました。

Assistive living devices

IPtalk.Japanese flag

Kokoro Web (IBM Japan).Japanese flag

Rion: Hearing aids, assistive listening devices, medical equipment.Japanese flag,American & British flags





特化型営業支援サービスのジェイコム トップページ.







Info東海道 ホームページ.




Blogs and vlogs

YouTube - heartfulpowerYaYoi's Videos.Japanese flagSign Language icon

Books on deafness

D PRO shop.Japanese flag

Monaghan, L, Nakamura, K., Schmaling, C. & Turner, G. H. (Eds.) (May 2003). Many ways to be Deaf: International variation in Deaf communities. Twenty-four international scholars have contributed their findings from studying Deaf communities in Japan, Thailand, Viet Nam, Taiwan, Russia, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, Nicaragua, and the United States. Sixteen chapters consider the various antecedents of each country1s native signed language, taking into account the historical background for their development and also the effects of foreign influences and changes in philosophies by the larger, dominant hearing societies. ISBN 1-56368-135-8

きいろぐみライブラリー:手話パフォーマンスきいろぐみ & 手話あいらんど:So-net blog.



横田 萬や.


PC Abstract Typing.Japanese flag

千葉県パソコン要約筆記研究会 らびっと.

Plus (PC Caption). (Hokkaido)Japanese flag


CDs and videotapes

D PRO shop.Japanese flag

きいろぐみライブラリー:手話パフォーマンスきいろぐみ & 手話あいらんど:So-net blog.

【楽天市場】手話 の検索結果:通販・インターネットショッピング.

Cochlear implants



Deaf culture

Bibliography on Deaf communities in Japan.

Discovering Deaf worlds - Japan.

ichirokes. Hawaiian Deaf Friend. He lectured about his personal life in Japan.

International Bibliography of Sign Language - Japan.

Japanese Culture and Japanese Deaf Culture.

Nakamura, K. (2006, July 27). Deaf in Japan: Signing and the politics of identity. Cornell University Press. ISBN-10: 0801443504, ISBN-13: 978-0801443503. Until the mid-1970s, deaf people in Japan had few legal rights and little social recognition. Legally, they were classified as minors or mentally deficient, unable to obtain driver's licenses or sign contracts and wills. Many worked at menial tasks or were constantly unemployed, and schools for the deaf taught a difficult regimen of speechreading and oral speech methods rather than signing. After several decades of activism, deaf men and women are now largely accepted within mainstream Japanese society.

Publications and presentations by KAMEI Nobutaka.

【楽天市場】バッジ・ピンズ >指文字バッジ:トロフィーの王様ダイワ徽章.



手話クラブ 『ハンド☆ライフ』.


Deaf education

Artia, E. (11 June 2003). Sign language demanded for deaf students: Teachers rely on spoken word, hampering quality of education.

D PRO - School of Autumn 2006.Japanese flag

Fukushima Prefectural School for the Deaf.Japanese flag

Hiratsuka-Hawaii Deaf Students Conference.

Japanese Deaf News.

golden marble bullet(2006, May 1). Tsukuba University of Technology enrollment ceremony.

golden marble bullet(2004, May). Aspirations and dreams for a better deaf education.

golden marble bullet(2003, August). What's going to happen to deaf education? - Report on recent movements.

golden marble bullet(2003, June). What will happen to our deaf schools? - Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) draws up the final report on "Special Needs Education.

Kyoto branch School for the deaf (Maizuru).Japanese flag

Matsumoto School for the Deaf.Japanese flag

Nagasaki Prefectural Sasebo School for the Deaf.Japanese flag

Okazaki School for the Deaf.Japanese flag

Oosaka School for the deaf.Japanese flag


golden marble bullet(2004). PEN-International and Tsukuba College of Technology/Tianjin Technical College for the Deaf interactive programs. This is a downloadable PDF file.
golden marble bullet(2003, June 12). Deaf Japanese drummers to perform in US: American debut to open ITED Symposium. This is a downloadable PDF file.
golden marble bulletBlack, K. E. (2002, Spring/Summer). NTID FOCUS: A PENchant for possibilities. This is a downloadable PDF file.
golden marble bullet(2001, February 22). NTID gets major funding, creates university partnership.

Shakujii High School for the deaf.Japanese flag

Shizuoka Prefectural Hamamatsu School for the Deaf.Japanese flag

William Clymer. Scroll down to "Greetings to Tsukuba Technical College" and click on the various links to pictures.

Yamanashi School For The Deaf.Japanese flag

Yoshida, S. A bridge from a soundless world. When I was four, my voice training started at a school for deaf-mute children. It took me almost two years to master pronunciation of the 50 sounds in the Japanese alphabet. Children in my neighborhood bullied me because of my physical disability, and I knew my mother was really upset by this. I could barely pronounce "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo," the key phrase of our Buddhist practice, by the time I was five.

聴覚・言語障害教育 ユニバーサルデザイン・学校インターネット.








雪猿 ユキザル。 〜Winter〜.



本校ホームページに記載された内容に関する著作権は本校に所属します。.Japanese flag

特別支援教育の充実のために— 北海道立特殊教育センター.


全国ろう児をもつ親の会 (Japan Deaf Children and Parents Association).Japanese flag,American & British flags

学校法人 日本聾話学校 -難聴幼児通園施設 ライシャワ・クレーマ学園-.



宮城県立ろう学校 (Miyagi Prefectural School for the Deaf).Japanese flag,American & British flags








愛知県立豊橋聾学校のページ (Toyohashi School for the Deaf).Japanese flag,American & British flags


視覚障害者と聴覚障害者のための国立大学:筑波技術大学 (Tsukuba College, Division for the Deaf).Japanese flag,American & British flags

Deaf events

D PRO - Calendar.Japanese flag

手話サークルたけのこホームページ テキスト版: カレンダー.

レッドベレーズホームページ. イベント報告, イベント予定.

Žè˜bƒT[ƒNƒ‹‚ ‚·‚È‚ë‚̃y[ƒW.


Deaf film

I love you (Official website).Japanese flag

stained glass bulletI love you (Japan, 1999, 111 min, color - Captioned in English). tells the story of Asako, a deaf woman determined to start an acting group in her small town with the support of her daughter, Ai, who is hearing. Through her struggles and successes, she inspires both deaf and hearing people to work together to accomplish great things. Akiko Oshidari makes her acting debut in this groundbreaking first Japanese film made by a hearing and a deaf director.

SavageCookiezz. (2007, December 16). Orange Days (Kiss Scene).Japanese flagSign Language icon,Japanese flag,British & American flagThis is a clip from episode 8 that i just cut out. i really like this j drama and i wanted to watch this scene for myself. Orange Days is a Japanese drama about a deaf mute girl who falls in love. She can only read lips and do sign language. She has a special talent even though she is deaf, she can play the violin, and the piano really really good. Comment?

golden marble bulletHappiness of us alone. Film (1962) Japan, 114 min, drama. After her husband is killed in the war a deaf woman returns to her mother's. Then she falls In love with a man who is also deaf and speaking impaired. Trusting his promises that they can be happy they get married. But for many years things don't go right. However finally she comes to believe that her life is valuable. Catya writes: I was told that Hideko Takamine is deaf, but after seeing her in another film, I'm not too sure. It's a lovely film, anyway.

golden marble bulletHymn to a tired man. Film (1969) Japan, 120 min, drama. During WWII a soldier is beaten so badly by a superior officer he is left deaf. After the war he is an inventor and meets this officer at the patent office. The man is still the bully he was.

golden marble bulletMusuko (My sons). Film (1991) Japan, romance. A young man falls in love with a deaf, speaking impaired factory girl.

golden marble bulletNamonaku mazushiku utsukushiku. Film (1961) Japan. Positive story of a deaf woman who marries a deaf, speaking impaired husband.

デッドサイレンス Dead silence..Japanese flag

『過去は今』公式ウェブサイト Kako ha ima..Japanese flag

風の歌が聴きたい Kaze no uta ga kikitai..Japanese flag

Deaf health flag

Japanese Deaf News.

golden marble bullet(2007, February 1). Showa University Hospital to be the first Japanese University Hospital to open an out-patient clinic for the deaf.

golden marble bullet(2006, April 1). New nursing care facilities to ensure a happy future for aged deaf.

golden marble bullet(2003, July). Symposium on hearing screening for newborn infants - Protestors demand immediate discontinuation of the screening test.

golden marble bullet(2003, May). Support and care to the deaf - In the community... In a well-equipped facility with trained personnel.

Deaf history and current events


golden marble bullet(2004, August 5). Childhood Memories Revived at Chunchon Puppet Festival.... Hitomi's Deaf Puppet Theater is composed of hearing-challenged actors. Their puppets will reproduce an incident revolving around an old woman and a raccoon to be done without speech. However, you are sure to understand what the cute puppets in Japanese traditional costumes are trying to say as you find yourself immersed in the story.

golden marble bullet(2004, July 16). New Tokyo school to prepare deaf students for university education. The Tokyo metropolitan government has decided to open a school for the deaf that will offer six years of middle and high school education intended to enable students to go to universities and colleges, according to metropolitan government officials.

golden marble bullet(2004, April 14). All about apples and oranges. The opening of Orange Days has Kai (Satoshi Tsumabuki) presenting an orange (of the natsumikan or iyokan variety) to Sae (Ko Shibasaki). He is a fourth-year social welfare major with sign-language skills, who is desperately searching for a full-time job. She is a hearing-impaired violinist who smokes, can sign in both the Kanto and Kansai dialects and enjoys making shockingly outrageous X-rated sign language statements.

golden marble bullet(2004, March 13). Sign language translation via videophone soon to appear. An interpretation service company will launch a new operation to translate sign language via videophones at counters at department stores, banks and travel agencies in the city of Fukuoka in April, it said Saturday.

golden marble bullet(2003, June 12). Deaf Japanese Drummers to Perform in US; American Debut to Open ITED Symposium. ITED runs from the 25th to the 27th, during which time the drummers will perform on three occasions. Additionally, in the two days prior to the symposium the drummers will conduct workshops on the campus alongside one team of non-hearing impaired drummers from San Francisco.

golden marble bullet(2003, June 11). Sign language demanded for deaf students. One would think it only natural that sign language be the main means of communicating and teaching at schools for the hearing-impaired, but in Japan the spoken word generally comes first. Late last month, 43 deaf children and 64 of their parents submitted a petition to the Japan Federation of Bar Associations in which they claimed that their children's right to education was being infringed upon because school lessons are not given in Japanese sign language.

golden marble bullet(2003, March 13). Japanese Government assists three communities. The Japanese Ambassador, Mrs Kazuko Asai, on Wednesday expressed regret that though education was a fundamental right of all children, society's attitude towards the education of disabled children was "not very encouraging".

golden marble bullet(2003, January 9). Tokyo police to modernize 110 emergency call system. The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is improving its "110" emergency call system to respond to a surge in the number of calls from mobile phones and to enable hearing-impaired people to send emergency e-mails.

golden marble bullet(2003, January 5). Saitama may change disabled student rules. The Saitama prefectural government is considering allowing handicapped students to enroll in both ordinary schools and schools for handicapped people, according to sources close to the government.

golden marble bullet(2002, December 19). Leery broadcaster stymies Net text system. The disapproval of a major broadcaster is thwarting the efforts of a support group to implement a text display system on its Web site that would allow the hearing disabled to more fully enjoy television viewing.

Japanese Deaf News.

The history of D PRO.American & British flags, D SHOP.Japanese flag


全日本ろうあ連盟 : 写真ニュース.

kz543g. Japanese flag,South Korean flag,Japanese flaggolden marble bullet(2008, May 8). japan sign news#1. 2008년5월2일 수화 뉴스(텍스트)

golden marble bullet(2008, May 12). japan sign news 일본 수화 뉴스 한글 완성.

Deaf organizations and clubs

D PRO. Japanese flag

GUAA-NC ギャローデット大学同窓会日本支部.

NPO法人 日本ASL協会.Japanese flag,American & British flags











特定非営利活動法人世田谷区聴覚障害者協会. or alternate site.






財団法人全日本ろうあ連盟 (Japan Federation of the Deaf).Japanese flag,American & British flags







富山県のろう者からの情報発信 ekonaのホームページ.

Deaf performing arts

DeafToday. (2003, January 13). Performer makes light of disability. A young man conquered both his nerves and his disability in his stage debut as a clown at a performance in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, on Sunday.

DeafTV-Japan.Japanese flag,Japanese flagSign Language icon

Special interview ~ Mariko Takamura~.

Deaf poetry

tanadashigeru. (2007, January 9). ろうのアイデンティティ.Japanese flagSign Language icon ろう者として生きる決心を見せたある青年の詩である。

Deaf rights

Japanese Deaf News.

golden marble bullet(2006, January 1). Guarantee communication and support for living at all times and in all situations!.

golden marble bullet(2005, May). And now... 4 years from the elimination of Disqualification Clauses - Disbandment of the Headquarters for Revision of Laws Discriminating Persons with Hearing Disabilities.

golden marble bullet(2003, November). Standpoint of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf Concerning the "Petition for Redress of Human Rights".

Shunsuke, I. (1968). Interpretation theory - Interpretation defending the rights of deaf people.


Deaf sports

Dolphins Deaf Basketball, Japan.Japanese flag

International Martial Arts Federation of the deaf: Japanese Deaf Martial Artists.

Japanese Deaf News. (2004, April). Heated competition and warm friendship on Mt. Tateyama - The 35th National Winter Games for the Deaf.

Japan Deaf Rugby Club (日本聴覚障害者ラグビークラブ) 林 敏之の楽苦美(ラグビー)ブログ/ウェブリブログ.



Sign Language  interpreters In Japan. History, working condition, professional association, relationship with the Deaf community, training of interpreters, certification of interpreters, ethical practices.

General interpreting issues

Sign Language  interpreters In Japan. History, working condition, professional association, relationship with the Deaf community, training of interpreters, certification of interpreters, ethical practices.

The history of interpreting

History of Zen-tsu-ken - The National Research Association for Sign Language Interpretation. is a nationwide organization that researches sign language, sign language interpretation, and issues of deaf people, and works for the improvement of the welfare for deaf people and the improvement of the social position of sign language interpreters. The affiliated chapters 47 nationwide administrative divisions in all act and study with deaf groups for the welfare improvement of the region.

Interpreter education

Sign Language  interpreters In Japan. History, working condition, professional association, relationship with the Deaf community, training of interpreters, certification of interpreters, ethical practices.

Interpreting agencies and organizations


golden marble bullet千葉手話通訳問題研究会 千通研.
golden marble bulletS‘Žè˜b’Ê–ó–â‘茤‹†‰ï‹{éŒ§Žx.



Interpreting legislation (Educational, health sciences and legal)


Machine interpretation or transcription

Ritsumeikan: Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory (Dept.of Robotics on Fac.of Sci.and Eng.).Japanese flag,American & British flags

Tokyo Denki University: Nakamura Lab.Japanese flag

手話アニメーションサイト : HITACHI.Japanese flag, Japanese flagSign Language icon



日本手話 Nihon shuwa (Japanese Sign Language)

D PRO shop.Japanese flag

HM 手話メッセージ篇.

ichirokes.Japanese flagSign Language icon

golden marble bullet(2007, June 26). Japanese Sign Language part two. Junichi.

golden marble bullet(2007, February 5). Kenichi Wright has a Japanese Deaf friends.

golden marble bullet(2006, December 10). Japanese Sign Language. Starbuck.

International bibliography of sign language - Japanese Sign Language (JSL).

Japanese Sign Language: A language of Japan.

Nakamura, K. About Japanese Sign Language. The bottom of this page has some notes from Murray Bulger about reading Japanese on American PCs.

Network Accessibility Project (NAP).Japanese flag

NPO法人 日本ASL協会. Japanese Signers Society (JASS).Japanese flag,American & British flags

Publications and presentations by KAMEI Nobutaka.

puzzpua. (2007, February 2). Japanese Sign Language.Japanese flagSign Language iconJesada signing in JSL!

Ricoh Sign Language Club.Japanese flag

rockmycar. (2007, September 26). japanese sign language.

Sign Language Club[s].

Sign Language of Neon Genesis Evangelion.Japanese flag

SignPuddle. Literature Japan.

Sign Writing in Japan.

Signs around the world: Japan. Individual country videotapes feature native Deaf male and female signers from that country. Each tape is separated into three sections which include personal introduction, vocabulary, and narrative.

SLLing-Net [手話文法研究室] Sign Language Linguistics Net.Japanese flag

stickelfamily. (2007, July 14). Japanese Sign Language [TV program].

tanadasigeru.Japanese flagSign Language icon

golden marble bulletJapan Sign Language Lessons. 日本手話の学習: Lesson 1 (色:colors), Lesson 2 (家族:family), Lesson 3 (仕事:Job), Lesson 4 (学校:school), Lesson 5 (地名:place), Lesson 6 (家:house), Lesson 7 (時代 : times), Lesson 8 (曜日:day), Lesson 9 (○月:month).

golden marble bulletRisho University. Introduction, Introduction 2.

Wilkinson, J. & Marthinussen, J. (1997). Japanese Sign Language. is a distinct sign language with unique vocabulary and grammar that is totally unrelated to ASL although it has some relation to Korean Sign Language and Taiwanese Sign Language. JSL is not standardized at all. There are minor variations of signs and grammar from region to region and island to island...

YouTube - dovefuji's Videos.Japanese flagSign Language icon

YouTube - shuwaemon's Videos.Japanese flagSign Language icon

YouTube - tonchan8's Videos.Japanese flagSign Language icon

YouTube - YoshifumiGoto's Videos.Japanese flagSign Language icon

YouTube - deafyama's Videos.Japanese flagSign Language icon

YouTube - mvoir33's Videos.Japanese flagSign Language iconWebmaster: Only some of these are in Japanese Sign Language. Some have English captions. flag



手話勉強会 - 参加者のひろば 第109回.





日本聴力障害新聞のホームページ.Japanese flagSign Language iconScroll down and click on the links in the yellow box on the right that start "(WMV..." or "(MPEG1..."

株式会社インフォーム 手話の学習用ビデオ発売のお知らせ.Japanese flagSign Language icon



トップページ 日本ろう福音協会.Japanese flagSign Language icon


聖マリアンナ医科大学病院手話サークル 『すみれの会』.




手話技能検定の制度と最新情報 キャリア・ステーション.

December 2004 [In Japanese] Akiyama, Nami & Nobutaka Kamei. 2004. Shall we sign? (Shuwa de ikou). Kyoto: Minerva Publishing Co., Ltd.

日本手話 - Wikipedia.

日本手話 Nihon shuwa (Japanese Sign Language) dictionaries

Bar-Tzur, D. Indigenous signs for cities: Japan.

International bibliography of sign language - Japanese Sign Language dictionary.

kohyin. (2007, November 25). Hiragana Katakana JSL.Japanese flagSign Language iconI edited a IPA's educational free video clip featuring a Japanese sign language on the basic phonics. Hope this helps those who are learning Japanese Hiragana, Katakana, or JSL.

SignPuddle. Dictionary Japan.I edited a IPA's educational free video clip featuring a Japanese sign language on the basic phonics. Hope this helps those who are learning Japanese Hiragana, Katakana, or JSL.

日本手話 - Wikipedia.

Oral and late-deafened people






Religion & Deafness


golden marble bullet(2003, June 11). Bible being translated into Japanese sign language. Eiji Matsumoto, 40, is doing the world's first work of translating the whole of the New and Old testaments, totaling 2,000 pages in Japanese, into sign language for a 104-hour recording on videotapes and digital video disks (DVDs).

golden marble bullet(2003, April 6). Sign-language Bible to be made for video, DVD. Two Christian associations have begun a 15-year mission to produce a sign-language Bible to be made available on video and DVD. When completed, it will be the first Bible of its kind in the world, according to the Japan Deaf Evangel Mission, based in Kiyose city, Tokyo, and the Japan Bible Society, in Tokyo's Chuo Ward.

DGWJapanウェブサイト.Japanese flag

Japan Deaf Evangel Mission.

tanadashigeru. (2007, July 23). Psalm23.Japanese flagSign Language icon

トップページ 日本ろう福音協会.Japanese flagSign Language icon