Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Latvia (Latvija)

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Deaf culture Deaf sports & recreation Latviešu Zïmju Valodas (Latvian Sign Language) Latviešu Zïmju Valodas (Latvian Sign Language) dictionaries Organizations

Deaf culture

World Deaf directory - Latvia.

Deaf sports & recreation

Latvijas Nedzirdīgo sporta federācija - Latvian Deaf Sports Federation.Latvian flagSign Language icon,British & American flag

Latviešu Zïmju Valodas (Latvian Sign Language)

Bar-Tzur, D. Indigenous signs for cities: Latvia.

Latvian Sign Language: A language of Latvia.

Latvijas Nedzirdīgo savienība - Dictionaries of Sign Language. This includes books and videos in LZV.

Latviešu Zïmju Valodas (Latvian Sign Language) dictionaries

Latvijas Nedzirdīgo Savienība

golden marble bulletDictionaries of Sign Language. Books and videos for sale.

golden marble bulletSign Language-video. On-line dictionary.

Latviešu Zïmju Valodas Vardnica.Latvian flagSign Language icon Webmaster: Very extensive and nice graphics!


Latvijas Nedzirdīgo Savienība - Latvian Association of the Deaf.Latvian flag,British & American flag,Russian Federation flagLAD main aims are: to help people with hearing loss; to attain the society's understanding and responsiveness regarding people with hearing problems. To achieve these aims, the main tasks of LAD are: to attain support of the government and self-governments regarding social rehabilitation of the members of LAD, to provide their integration in the society; to satisfy the material, every-day's and cultural needs of members of LAD, to raise the level of the education, protection of health and rehabilitation.