Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Macedonia (Makedonija)

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Macedonian flag David Bar-TzurMacedonian flag

map of Macedonia

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Note: A flag next to a link shows what language the website is in. If it is followed by this icon: (video camera: This links to a video), it is a video in that spoken language. A flag followed by Sign Language iconmeans it is in the sign language of that country. globe (international icon)Sign Language iconmeans there is International Gesture.

Deaf culture Deaf education & youth Organizations

Deaf culture

Macedonia Deaf Directory.

Deaf education & youth

DeafTODAY. (2005, APril 15). Computer Courses for Deaf and Blind People. Members of deaf and blind people associations from Veles started with computer training for people with special needs. They learn how to use new technology adapted according to their needs.


World Federation of the Deaf membership information: Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Macedonija (SGNM). Contact info only. Scroll down to the country name.