Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Madagascar (Madagaskar)

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Deaf and social services Deaf culture Deaf education & youth Deaf history and current events Malagasy Sign Language (Madagascan Sign Language) dictionaries

Deaf and social services

Government Implementation of the Standard Rules as seen by member organizations of Inclusion International - ILSMH: Madagascar.

Deaf culture

FRANCE 5 - Rencontres vitales : Sourds à Madagascar - L’oeil et la main - France 5.

WASLI. Facts about Madagascar (by Rajaonary Theodoric).

Deaf education & youth

Surdité en Afrique. 10. MADAGASCAR: Institut des sourds-muets, B.P. 235,110 Antsrabe; Akanin'ny Mareni na 67 ha Centre Antanarivo 101.

Deaf history and current events

golden marble bulletFederasionan'ny Marenina eto Madagasikara (FMM) Rapport fra FMMs generalsekretær Dimby 22. september 2005. Ny Fankalazana ny Andron’ny Marenina Eran-tany dia isaky ny Alahady farany amin’ny volana Septambra. Tamin’ny ny taona 1958 no nanomboka nankalaza izany ny Federasionan’ny Marenina Eran-tany (World Federation of the Deaf WFD) izay manana ny foibeny ao Finland ka tao HELSINKI renivohitra no nisantarana ny fihetsiketsehana rehetra nandritra ny herinandro mialoha ny Alahady.

golden marble bulletFederasionan'ny Marenina eto Madagasikara (FMM) Rapport fra FMM desember 2007. 1) On 14 December 2007, 13 interpreters (6 men, 7 women) finished training and got their diploma. Generaly Secretary Ministry of the Health, Delegation Parlementaire, delegation Ministry of the Research on science, Vice Directoire FOFAMA, 13 interpreters family, delegation from the Association of the Deaf from the region, Radio National Madagascar, TV etc,came to assist at Hotel Panorama Antananarivo. 2) On 07th -09th December, Interpreter Mrs Haingo and me visited the Association of the Deaf in Ambatolampy. 3) On 01th -04th December, President FMM and Mr Jules visited the Association of the Deaf in Antalaha.

Miles, M. (2005). Deaf people living and communication in African histories, c. 960s - 1960s. There is strong documentary evidence that deaf or hearing impaired men and women, girls and boys, did occupy social space and took roles across the full spectrum of life throughout Africa in earlier centuries, living lives like everyone else and also having some different experiences. Traces and signs of deaf people appear in many sorts of historical document, such as travellers' accounts, legal and genealogical records, government, institutional and missionary archives, linguistic studies, literature, folklore, religious narrative, mime, dance and drama. Many of their experiences have involved severe economic poverty and adversity, stigmatising attitudes and exclusionary practices; yet this has not been the norm everywhere in Africa, and many deaf people have shown great resilience, perseverance, humour and ingenuity in their dealings and communications with the non-deaf world.

Malagasy Sign Language (Madagascan Sign Language) dictionaries



FRANCE 5 - Rencontres vitales : Sourds à Madagascar - L’oeil et la main - France 5. Federasionan'ny Marenina eto Madagasikara (FMM), Email:; AKA.MA, Email:; Mirana, Mirana Rafanomezantsoa, Association Tànana Mirana, BP 8047 - 101 Antananarivo - Madagascar, Tél.: (00 261) 32 07 532 54, Email: - L'association est née en 2000, suite à la venue en Suisse de Mirana Rafanomezantsoa, enseignante et danseuse malgache. Cette jeune femme s'est consacrée durant plusieurs années aux jeunes sourds de Tananarive en leur apprenant à danser. A la fin de ses deux années d'étude en pédagogie curative à l'université de Fribourg, elle a décidé de mettre sur pied un projet d'intégration socioprofessionnelle, scolaire et culturelle des sourds de la capitale malgache, projet soutenu par l'association Mirana, créée dans ce but.

World Federation of the Deaf membership information: Federation of the Deaf in Madagascar (FMM). Scroll down to the country name.