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Artistic interpreting: Music, poetry, literature, and theater

adeline624. (2008, June 1). 幼儿园小朋友手语表演--和你一样. 幼儿园小朋友手语表演《和你一样》..拍摄by春苑小筑. 感动的视频。。中国加油。。四川加油。。

Challenges. (2007, October 29). The Puppets are Coming - in Sign Language!! Jim West's AESOP'S FABLES, the Puppet Performance from USA to include one performance in Malaysian Sign Language. This marks the first time a professional theatre run for the public in Malaysia will include a signed performance for deaf audience. Sign language interpretation by Samuel Chew will be available at the 2 PM performance on December 8 only. Malaysian Sign Language (MySL), also known as Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM), will be used.

wongkiingleong. (2008, May 1). 《我们都一样》手语表演. 林青契友们以爱心呈献感人的手语表演,以这首歌曲《我们都一样》 来表現生命的希望和盼望

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Deaf 'Boleh' Malaysia!

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Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (Malaysian Sign Language)

Amanda. (2007, August 10). Klan telkomsel 12th "bahasa isyarat".Malaysian flagSign Language icon

Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM) | PERKASA INSAN.

bijul11. (2007, September 14). bahasa isyarat pelajar USM.

Deaf 'Boleh' Malaysia!: Sign Language.

DeafTODAY.(2004, November 14). Be a friend to the deaf. How about being a friend to the deaf by learning to sign? Pusat Majudiri "Y" for the Deaf has designed a course for children who have no previous knowledge of sign language.

eLearning Home: Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM).

Guan, Tan Chin: Malaysian Sign Language. In: Cleve, John V. van (ed): Gallaudet encyclopedia of deaf people and deafness. Vol. 3. S-Z,Index. New York, NY [u.a.] : McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. (1987) - pp. 93-94.

International Bibliography of Sign Language - Malaysian Sign Language (BMT).

Kuala Lumpur Sign Language: A language of Malaysia.

Mak. K. (2007, June 8). Deaf people communicate mostly in Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia. Since I was a kid, I had been good in Bahasa Melayu but sometimes I could not make sense of what difference there was between Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Malaysia, especially when the teacher wrote on the blackboard. The deaf community, of which I am proud to be a part, has its own culture and language known as Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM). Deaf persons communicate mostly in BIM, not only in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya but also in other parts of the country.

Malaysian Sign Language: A language of Malaysia.

Malaysian Sign Language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Musa, S. I. Dakwah melalui bahasa isyarat. DENGAN menyusun jari-jemarinya secara berhati-hati, seorang lelaki yang berdiri dekat imam di sebuah masjid di Kaherah, Mesir menyampaikan mesej mengenai Islam kepada Muslim lain yang mengalami masalah pendengaran: “Allahu akbar” - Allah Maha Besar.

Penang Sign Language: A language of Malaysia.

Penang Sign Language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sajak dalam Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia - AOL video.Malaysian flagSign Language icon

Selangor Sign Language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Yang Separuh Israiliyat dan yang Benar-benar Cinta - Atom.

YMCA PMY - Sign Language Courses. Sign Language potrays the image, identity and culture of the country that the Deaf Community belongs to. In Malaysia, we have the Malaysian Sign Language (Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia—BIM). The Deaf regard Sign Language as their natural language which reflects their cultural values and keeps their traditions and their heritage alive.

YouTube - jimadieshah's Videos.Malaysian flagSign Language icon

Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (Malaysian Sign Language) dictionaries

eSign Language Directory.

Fingeralphabet Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapur, Taiwan (Fingerspelling in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapor, and Taiwan).

Lim S. J. MY SIgn Language.Malaysian flagSign Language iconMost entries are ASL with Malay and Chinese translations, but the last category, past Z, is "Special sign, Malaysia only", which has Malaysian signs.

Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD) - eSign Language Directory.

SignPuddle. Dictionary Malaysia.

Blogs and vlogs

Deaf Boeh! Malaysia.

Deafz Mix. This is the ideal place where you can read our reviews that related to anime, movie, serial drama and games. Enjoy your stay! And also write us some comment if you've any opinion or words. We are Ezequiel and Selina, the deafs from Malaysia. We would like to write everything that is related to anime, movie, serial drama and games. If you have any question or request, don't hestitate to contact us by dropping in our ChatRoom ^_^.

Weblog OKU : Anything About Disabled People: Bahasa isyarat diiktiraf. This blog are use both English language and Malays langauge. Anything issues about disabled people can be disscused here. This Blog also known as WEBLOG OKU.

Books on deafness

Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD). Buku Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia.

Deaf advocacy and politics

Deaf 'Boleh' Malaysia: Rights for Deaf Community.


golden marble bullet(2004, March 30). Deaf linguistics expert wants to inspire others. The country's first deaf linguistics expert, Ho Koon Wei, has turned down job offers overseas so she can stay put to inspire others with hearing impairment. "I want to be a role model for other deaf Malaysians to show them that nothing is impossible as their disability is not an obstacle," she said.

golden marble bullet(2004, March 4). Enabling the deaf. As women everywhere look forward to International Women's Day (IWD) this Monday, disability activists worldwide are hoping that this year's IWD will also throw focus on the world's disabled women who face double discrimination compared to their male counterparts.

golden marble bullet(2003, November 26). A voice of our own. has been the inspirational phrase and passionate motto of the well-known global disability group Disabled People's International (DPI) which, for over the past two decades, has been advocating for the rights, dignity and empowerment of disabled people everywhere. The first-ever deaf delegate from the Asia Pacific at the international event insists that she and other deaf people are consulted on every matter involving them – be it education, health, employment or even their personal lives.

golden marble bullet(2003, October 4). International day of the deaf observed. National Unity and Social Development Minister Datuk Dr Siti Zaharah Sulaiman in a speech launching celebrations to mark the International Day of the Deaf 2003 has reminded the public that the deaf too yearned to live a normal life.

Deaf and employment

Deaf 'Boleh' Malaysia!

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RC Deaf Missions. The Mission aims to: Provide Career and Business Opportunities for the Deaf, Set up future businesses to be managed by the Deaf, Consultancy and Training for the Deaf, Community Awareness Projects, Sign Language Interpreting Services, Skill Enhancement for Sign Language Interpreters, Sign Language Courses, Form a Network with Employers who have hired Deaf Employees, Encourage Employers to hire Deaf persons, Provide Employers with assistance on guidelines for interviewing and working with Deaf persons, Deaf Studies.

Deaf arts

Deaf 'Boleh' Malaysia!: Deaf Arts.

Deaf communication

Deaf 'Boleh' Malaysia!: Deaf Communication.

Deaf culture

Amir Hamidi Dalam Talian.Malaysian flagBritish & American flag

Deaf 'Boleh' Malaysia!

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DeafTODAY. (2004, February 12). Deaf and deft. The mood for love is everywhere this week as Malaysians – and the world – get ready to celebrate St Valentine's Day this Saturday. And like hearing couples, the hard-of-hearing and deaf persons are really no different, I'm told, when it comes to seeking true love on this blessed and loving of all days in the yearly calendar.

International Bibliography of Sign Language - Malaysia.

Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD). Causes of Deafness.

Deaf education & youth

08-Journal Social. At present, there are more than 26,500 deaf people in Malaysia whose main mode of communication with other hearing people is via the Malaysian Sign Language. There is a lack of teaching and learn-ing aids to assist the deaf community in the learning process as well as for those who are interested to learn Malaysian Sign Language. This paper reviews some of the teaching and learning resources that are available for the deaf community in Malaysia. More efforts in publishing and developing teaching materials for the deaf community are required to help bridge the communication gap between them and the hearing community

A Review on the Teaching and Learning Resources for the Deaf Community in Malaysia - Malaysian Abstracting and Indexing System.

Deaf 'Boleh' Malaysia!

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golden marble bullet(2005, January 30). Deaf student gets diploma with SMS help. Her mother once threatened to punish her for not speaking, although she was deaf. Today, her mother proudly watched Lim Beng Keat collect her diploma in IT at the Limkokwing University College of Creative Technology graduation ceremony.

golden marble bullet(2004, December 9). Dr Siti Hasmah Launches 'Against All Odds.' Former First Lady Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohamed Ali Thursday launched a book on the education of the deaf authored by renowned specialist in the field, Datuk Saleena Yahaya-Isa.

golden marble bullet(2004, December 6). Breaking the sound barrier. Adapting to a new country can be challenging if youre not familiar with the language. It can be twice as hard if you are deaf. In 1977, Peck V. Choo-Kim, who is deaf, took a leap of faith and furthered her education in the United States.

golden marble bullet(2004, September 16). Include Malaysian Sign Language in education, Government urged. The Government should incorporate the Malaysian Sign Language or Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM) into the school curriculum to be used as the medium of communication, said a sign language interpreter.

golden marble bullet(2004, July 18). Resource centre for the deaf. Located in the Community Service Centre for the Deaf (CSCD) near Bukit Nenas in Kuala Lumpur, the deaf community will now have an e-learning resource facility equipped with a server, six high-end computers, a media room and a library, to serve their educational and special needs.

golden marble bullet(2004, July 15). Caring and capable lass. Jessica Mak Wei-E, who is Programme Coordinator of the YMCA Kuala Lumpurs Pusat Majudiri Y that was set up to help the deaf and no stranger to this column wrote to me last week to share what she and other deaf youths were up to recently.

golden marble bullet(2004, May 31). REDtone pledges RM2.52m to the deaf. Discounted call provider REDtone International Bhd has pledged RM2.52mil to the deaf community, University Malaya Medical Centre and Selangor School for the Deaf.

golden marble bullet(2004, March 7). Overcoming the odds. Knowing that a sound education is the key to success, deaf students Yee Ke Xin and Haw Ching Cher did not let their disability get in the way of their quest to excel in their studies.

golden marble bullet(2003, November 19). Ambitious Special Students On Way To Dream Come True. Mohamad Shahmirol Bin Shahbudin and Dayang Wartina Binti Haji Wasli have been selected to attend a one-year computer course at the Malaysian Institute for the Deaf in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

golden marble bullet(2003, October 4). Nine defy the odds at polytechnic. Despite their disability, nine deaf and mute students graduated with certificates, alongside 1,054 students at Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (PSA) recently. These students shared the limelight with five others who won Best Student Awards.

golden marble bullet(2003, October 3). Ministry denies forcing deaf students on vocational schools. The Education Ministry has denied allegations by the YMCA Self-Reliance Centre for the Deaf that deaf students are being forced to continue their studies in vocational schools.

golden marble bullet(2003, October 2). A special bash. A major weekend event to help members of the public get to know more about deaf people,their needs and their aspirations was held on the 13th and 14th of last month at the International Medical University in Bukit Jalil,Selangor. The occasion “Deaf Festival II ”was attend- ed by close to a thousand people and is a follow-up to the 1988 Deaf Festival I which was held at the KL YMCA.

golden marble bullet(2003, September 2). Deaf pupils lack rhythm but not spirit in Taiping parade. The marching of the deaf pupils from Sekolah Pendidikan Khas Taiping may not be as impressive as that of other contingents at the district-level National Day parade but they were definitely not lacking in spirit.

golden marble bullet(2003, July 18). Ministry ready to absorb students from school for the deaf. The Education Ministry is ready and willing to absorb the 35 special needs students from the privately-owned Selangor School for the Deaf, should the school fail to raise funds to continue operation.

golden marble bullet(2003, June 15). Learning: Their dream come true. Higher education is something most people dream about, but for many deaf people it is a dream destined to go unfulfilled, as there are few education opportunities available to them. However, initiatives taken by learning establishments like Limkokwing University College in welcoming deaf students have not only brought much happiness, but also hope.

Manually Coded Malay - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kod Tangan Bahasa Malaysia (KTBM), or Manually Coded Malay, is the only form of sign language recognised by the government in Malaysia as the language of communication for the Deaf. It is also referred to as Bahasa Malaysia Kod Tangan, which is the form found in the Ethnologue. It is adapted from American Sign Language, with the addition of some local signs, and grammatical signs representing affixation of nouns and verbs as used in Malay. It is used in Deaf schools for the purpose of teaching the Malay language.

Ow, S.H., Mokhtar, S. & Zainuddin, R. (2007). A Review on the Teaching and Learning Resources for the Deaf Community in Malaysia.

Shettle, A. (2004, Spring). Deaf Children with Additional Disabilities in Developing Countries, Malaysia.

YMCA - Pusat Majudiri for the deaf (Deaf Kids' Club).

Deaf events

Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD). Events Calendar.

Deaf history and current events

Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD).

golden marble bulletHistory of The Deaf Education in Malaysia.

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Deaf performing arts

Deaf 'Boleh' Malaysia!: Deaf Performance.

Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD). Arts.

YouTube - jimadieshah's Videos.Malaysian flagSign Language icon

Deaf photography

DeafTODAY. (2003, October 31). George Town through the lens. Without visual photographs, the deaf can't understand what the world is. Photographs create a history that preserves our heritage. Those were the words of a Malaysian deaf student who captured the uniqueness of George Town's heritage in 1,500 images that were partly exhibited at the Dyer Arts Centre in New York this year.

Deaf sports & recreation

Deaf 'Boleh' Malaysia!

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Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD). Sports.


General interpreting issues (2006, August 28). Bridging the gap for the deaf. Goh Soo Leng can communicate in four languages, but she only speaks in three. For the fourth she uses her hands. It is known as the Malaysian Sign Language or Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia. Goh is one of seven full-time sign language interpreters in the country, a drop in the ocean for a country with 26,500 registered deaf people. She works at the Centre for Malaysian Sign Language (MYSL) set up in 2005 by the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD).

Interpreter education

Chapman, K. (2005, April 30). Sign language interpreting diploma on offer. Sign language courses were first introduced at the Kuala Lumpur YMCA in 1973 when the association opened its doors to the deaf community. The aim then was to encourage family members, educators and members of the public to learn how to sign in order to communicate with the deaf. The courses presently carried out by the Majudiri Y Foundation for the Deaf has expanded to include Basic Level, Level One, Two and Three.

Interpreting agencies and organizations

Malaysian Sign Language (Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia) | MFD provides professional Sign Language Interpreters for organizations, government departments, companies and corporations. Interpreters can deal with Bahasa Melayu and English. MyASLI - Malaysian Association of Sign Language Interpreters - is the initiative of MFD (Deaf People).

Machine interpretation or transcription

Salleh, N. S. M., Jais, J., Mazalan, L., Ismail, R., Yussof, S., Ahmad, A., Anuar, A., & Mohamad, D. (2006). Sign Language to Voice Recognition: Hand Detection Techniques for Vision-Based Approach. Automated systems for aiding those with impaired hearing have recently been one of the major areas of research. Hand detection is a fundamental step in many practical applications as gesture recognition, video surveillance, and multimodal machine interface and so on. For the flexibility and useful features, vision based technique has been proposed for gesture data collection. This paper will present research progress and findings on techniques and algorithms for hand detection as it will be used as an input for gesture recognition process.



golden marble bullet(2004, October 6). Day for the deaf. The Kuala Lumpur YMCA in Jalan Padang Belia held the first of a planned series of celebrations it intends to hold throughout this year and the next to mark the organisations 100 years of existence in Malaysia.

golden marble bullet(2004, January 29). Crucial resolutions. New years are always a terrific and opportune time for everyone to work on new resolutions. The local deaf community of the Pusat Majudiri Y (PMY) and deaf service centre in the Kuala Lumpur YMCA in Brickfields are no exception to this rule, as I delightfully found out.

Kuala Lumpur Society of the Deaf.

Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD).

YMCA - Pusat Majudiri for the deaf (Deaf Kids' Club).

Religion & Deafness

Kam, R. (2007, May 19). Boss with a big heart for the less fortunate. For the last eight years, he has been spending every alternate Sunday at the Buddhist temple in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, lecturing on moral education to a class of hearing impaired adults.

Malaysiain Federation of the Deaf (MDFD) - Agama.

Real Love Ministry. Real Love Ministry (RLM) is a Non-profit, Voluntary & Christian organization that works closely with the marginalized communities such as the Homosexual, the Deaf and etc.

wongkiingleong. (2008, May 1). 《我们都一样》手语表演. 林青契友们以爱心呈献感人的手语表演,以这首歌曲《我们都一样》 来表現生命的希望和盼望