Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Malta (Sovereign Military Order of Malta)

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Assistive living devices

Vodaphone. (2004, June 8). Vodaphone gives mobile communication to the Deaf People's Association. Vodafone Malta Limited donated ten mobile phones including a Vodafone connection to the Deaf People's Association in order to help the association's efforts to integrate deaf people better and provide them with the opportunity to stay connected with society. The donation will be used by the Association to help its members with various levels of deafness to be able to communicate with each other and with others.

Deaf culture

Peterson, J. A. (1997). Remembering Malta. See related pictures: Malta pictures.

World Deaf directory - Malta.

Deaf education & youth

DeafTODAY. (2004, September 4). Grundtvig project for hearing-impaired. The Gozo Association for the Deaf, in collaboration with the Helen Keller School, Qrendi, has completed a one-year project entitled "Enhancing Guidance and Counselling Services delivered to Parents/Careers of Hearing Impared Children/Students".

Grech, H. Communication development in hearing impaired children: The situation in Malta and Gozo.

Deaf history and current events


golden marble bullet(2003, July 7). Association's decision to leave federation. The Malta Federation of Organisations of Persons with a Disability claimed the Deaf Association council's recent decision to leave the federation was due to "ulterior motives" which have nothing to do with the ostensible reasons.

golden marble bullet(2003, May 24). Deaf association council resigns from federation. A spokesman for the Deaf People's Association said that at its last committee meeting, it had decided to resign immediately from the Federation of Organisations for People with Disabilities. A spokesman said this decision had been taken for the following reasons:

golden marble bullet(2003, March 9). Gozo Association for the Deaf centre opened. Another milestone in the 15-year-old history of the Gozo Association for the Deaf was the official opening of its centre in St Domenica Street, Victoria, last week.

Lingwi tas-Sinjali Maltin (Maltese Sign Language)

Borg, A.: Formulation of Maltese Sign Language. In: Ojala, Raili (ed): Proceedings, X World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf. The Finnish Association of the Deaf. (1988).

Foundation for the Development of Maltese Sign Language (Fondazzjoni Żvilupp Lingwa tas-Sinjali Maltija).


International bibliography of sign language - Maltese Sign Language.

Lingwi tas-Sinjali Maltin (Maltese Sign Language) dictionaries

IT Solutions (Malta) - Maltese Sign Language Dictionary.

Maltese Sign Language Dictionary Foreword.

SignPuddle. Dictionary Malta.


Gozo Association for the Deaf. Contact info.

Maltese Sign Language: A language of Malta.

National Association for the Young Deaf.

World Federation of the Deaf membership information: Deaf People's Association. Contact info only. Scroll down to the country name.