Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Mongolia (Монгол Улс)

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Note: A flag next to a link shows what language the website is in. If it is followed by this icon: (video camera: This links to a video), it is a video in that spoken language. A flag followed by Sign Language iconmeans it is in the sign language of that country. globe (international icon)Sign Language iconmeans there is International Gesture.

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Deaf culture

BBC - MESSAGE BOARDS - Ouch! disability - Anyone interested in chatting/signing with some deaf and hoh people in Mongolia? - Conversation.

International Bibliography of Sign Language - Mongolia.

nomadologist: In-country training. A Mongolian sign-language interpreter came to assist for the presentation, but although Nickson is deaf and mute he is experienced in communicating fluently with non-signing English-language hearing people. There were some points of sign language clarification between Nickson in American Sign Language and Sainaa in Mongolian Sign Language, and Sophie van den Abeele (a trainer for Mongolian parents of children with disabilities) and I both added our Mongolia experiences to the discussion. The session pointed out the literature in the area and seemed to set a constructive tone for the volunteers.

UT is Ready for the World | Spotlight on Hearing Loss in Mongolia.

Word Deaf directory - Mongolia.

Deaf education & youth

Enabling Education Network. Deafness and the development of communication skills in developing countries: Examples from Mongolia and Nepal.


Mongolian Education Alliance - "Sign and learn" project.Mongolian flag,British & American flagTo teach Mongolian Sign Language to deaf and hard of hearing children and adults with limited language ability, To provide information and education to language-proficient deaf and hard of hearing children and adults, To assist the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and the staff of School 29 in their efforts to provide the highest quality education for deaf and hard of hearing children, To inform the public about important issues in deaf education.


golden marble bullet(April 2006, April 17). Learn to Play and Sign. This project aims to encourage the use of Mongolian Sign Language as a language of instruction for deaf children as well as to offer educational support to deaf children from disadvantaged backgrounds in and around UlaanBaatar.

golden marble bullet( 2004, April 5). Creatively learning the national sign language. Helping Hand will promote Mongolian Sign Language through this project which aims to develop, produce and distribute two independent learning tools. These are a sign language CD Rom and a set of wooden alphabet sign language blocks.

Deaf health

Nance, W. E., Erdenetungalag, R., Radnaabazar, J., et al. Estimation of the frequency of genetic deafness in Mongolia with a genotype index.

Mongolian Sign Language

Mongolian Sign Language: A language of Mongolia.

South Asian linguistics - Sign languages (All dialects).


World Federation of the Deaf membership information: Mongolian Association of the Deaf. Scroll down to "Mongolian Association of the Deaf". Contact information only.

Монголын Дvлий Иргэдийн Нийгэмлэг.