Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Rom‰nia (România)

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Deaf culture

Catching Up: Backpacking Part II- Romania Part I: Beauty in a Third World Country.

Deaf education & youth

Bramwell, P. Learning the hard way - Children with hearing difficulties.

Harvie, A. M. (2007, January). Woman spends summer vacation teaching deaf children in Moldova. There are those who travel to exotic locations on vacation to relax. Others spend their vacations seeking fun and adventure. This year, Mary Christopher in New England DistrictÕs Information Management, traveled to Cahul, Moldova. But instead of doing a lot of sight-seeing, she went to a summer camp to teach deaf children.

International Bibliography of Sign Language - Romania.

NCDS. (2007, January 15). Families with Deaf Children. This project aims to improve deaf children's and their families' quality of life, by allowing parents to learn more about deafness and exchange ideas about and experiences of parenting a deaf child. The project will encourage parents to set up a registered association for families of deaf children in the Oradea region.

stained glass ballScafaru, S. Developments in Romania.

stained glass ballSenzor Foundation for the Needs of Deaf Children and Youth.

World Deaf directory - Romania.

Deaf oppression & liberation

Flora, G. (March 2002). International Policy Fellowship final report. My first aim. . . has been to assess the current level of accessibility of deaf to the visual media in Romania, Hungary and the EU countries as well as the current legislation and policies in the field. The second aim was raising public awareness on the issue. . .

Interpreter education

EFSLI - Romania.


Asociatia de Caritate Sprijin pentru Deficientii Senzoriali Brasov.

Religion & Deafness

Buchholz, N. 2006 Romania Deaf Bible Camp.

Deaf International: Romanian Sign Language Bible Translation Team.

Jesus Film Project. The JESUS video is available in American Sign Language, Russian Sign Language, Costa Rican Sign Language, Korean Sign Language, Australian Sign Language, Japanese Sign Language, Romanian Sign Language, Ukrainian Sign Language, Brazilian Sign Language.

stained glass bulletLowenstein. (2006, August 31). Romania Mission '04 (Deaf).signing handsThree missionaries for the deaf flew to Pitesti, Romania to teach a class group of deaf Romanians.

Romanian sign language

International bibliography of sign language - Romanian sign language.

Romanian Sign Language: A language of Romania.

Romanian sign language dictionaries

Deaf International. Video Dictionary of Romanian Signs: A Coalition Program. A project to document the regional sign language vocabulary of Deaf Romanians in order to contribute to the establishment of a standardized sign language system for Deaf Romanians, interpreters and translators for the Deaf, and those in the Romanian Deaf Community.