Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Samoa (Samoa)

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Deaf culture

AAD Outlook. Scroll down to "Deaf Development Work in Samoa".

Deaf education & youth

Education | DeafHub. Scroll down to "4.2 Samoa": In Samoa, Deaf children and youth attend the Lototamufai School for the Disabled in Apia. As well there is currently an Early Intervention program in use in Samoa and a few Deaf adults are employed to visit the villages where Deaf children are to assist the parents to learn sign language.

krisnite. (2007, July 30). Fiji & Samoa.

NDCS. (2005, February 14). Samoa Empowerment for Children who are deaf and their families. The Loto Taumafai Society for the disabled will develop a home-based support programme for deaf children and their families in five districts on the two largest islands of Samoa. The project will recruit and train field workers who will make weekly visits to 40 individual families. Two parent support groups will also be established to further lobbying activities. The expected outcome is that the inclusion of deaf children in their communities (eg preschools, schools, churches, self-help groups) will be increased. It is also hoped that the government would take responsiblity for the support programme after the SGP funding has finished.

Deaf performing arts

T Documentary features Silent World Theatre A. A video documentary on Samoa’s renowned Silent World Theatre isbeing produced with the aid of a grantfrom the Oticon Foundation. The documentary is being producedby freelance Pacific documentaryproducer Frank Atu, who hopes todistribute the finished product tosecondary schools for inclusion in thearts curriculum syllabus.

Samoan Sign Language dictionaries

Deaf Baptist Fellowship Store Page 4. SAMOAN SIGN LANGUAGE: VOL I &II (Samoan Sign Language I Book by Dr. Don Cabbage is used in Samoa. over 500 word [each] illustrate vocabulary study of American Samoan Sign Language with over 180 pages. The artist is Victor Palma.)