Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Solomon Islands (Solomon Islands)

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Solomon Islands' flag David Bar-TzurSolomon Islands' flag

map of Solomon Islands

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Solomon Islands Sign Language

Solomon Islands Sign Language

Japan Institute for Sign Language Studies (JISLS). Scroll down to "The 10th Seminar of Asian sign languages / Investigation on Asian sign languages (Oct. 23-24, 2004, Oita)." The 10th Seminar of Asian sign languages was sponsored by the Foreign Sign Department of JISLS-JFD in Oita. 8 JICA internship fellows from 8 Asian and Pacific countries (Cambodia; China; Indonesia; Malaysia; Pakistan; Solomon Islands; Thailand and Uzbekistan) were invited to the seminar and gave us lectures on the Deaf and sign languages in their countries. Also videotaping of the signs were conducted with their cooperation.

Rennellese Sign Language: a language of Solomon Islands.