Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Uzbekistan (Uzbekiston)

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Deaf culture

Deaf Friends International--Uzbek Version.

Deaf education & youth

DeafTODAY. (2004, June 9). JICA organizes press tour. Japanese International Cooperation Agency office in Uzbekistan organised a press tour for journalists of Uzbekistan on 4 June. The tour participants visited Uzbek-Japanese Centre, World Vision Japan (where JICA is undertaking a partnership project on HIV/AIDS prevention), Association of Hearing Impaired (project on preparation of translators for boarding schools for hearing impaired) and the school for visually impaired children (where one of Japanese volunteers is currently working).

First Deaf Internet trainer certified in Uzbekistan.

IATP Cooperates with Boarding School Number 61 for the Deaf in Samarkand. On May 2 to 5, IATP's deaf trainer Nicholay Gladkiy traveled to Samarkand in order to train students at School Number 61, a boarding school for the deaf in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Gladkiy has conducted training for deaf Internet users in Central Asia for almost one year. He has conducted his courses in Almaty and Shymkent, Kazakhstan and in Tashkent and Samarkand, Uzbekistan. His pioneer training in Almaty has resulted in a strong partnership between IATP/Kazakhstan and the Almaty School for the Deaf.

Uzbekistan: Fostering Public Service Journalism. For years, young deaf-mute children in Kokand were unable to attend normal grade school. Their situation changed dramatically with the help of a public service announcement (PSA), which showed children walking to school and a boy watching them from his window, his mother looking on sorrowfully. “There is no place where deaf and mute children can go to school in Kokand,” the clip announced, in a revelation that touched many people in the Ferghana Valley city.

Deaf history and current events (2004, December 21). Japan <==> Uzbekistan Video Conference of the Deaf. A video conference connecting Japan and Uzbekistan via ISDN line was conducted successfully and deaf participants from the two countries enjoyed discussion in sign language. The video conference was made possible by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)’s distant technical cooperation project (JICA-Net). The conference was held on the evening of Dec.9, 2005 at JICA Tokyo International Center with 5 participants from each country.


WFD : National Members. Uzbek Society of the Deaf/ Chilanzarskya Str. 15 / Tashkent 700115 / UZBEKISTAN / Telephone (Voice): +998 71 367 2264 / Fax: +998 71 367 2713 / Email:

Religion & Deafness (2004, December 21). UZBEKISTAN: Korans for the blind highlight lack of resources for the disabled. A new project being implemented by Uzbekistan's Board of Muslims (Muftyat) will give blind people access to the Koran through the Braille system and allow deaf people to take advantage of signed-translation of Friday prayers in the capital's mosques, religious officials said on Tuesday.

Need in Uzbekistan.

Rota, I. (2004, March 4). UZBEKISTAN: Authorities close Christian church in Khorezm. It was particularly difficult to operate in the town of Beruni (a town in Karakalpakstan [Qoraqalpoghiston], 20 kilometres from Urgench), where the church holds services for signing deaf and speech impaired people. "We are simply not allowed to preach in this town. Local deaf and speech impaired people are not allowed to meet together, even in private apartments. One deaf and speech impaired woman, who hosted a believers' meeting in her apartment, was detained in a police cell for 12 hours," Bader told Forum 18.