Humor and stories for interpreters

David Bar-Tzur

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Calvin and Hobbes falling all over each other laughing

Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused.

- Anonymous

Editor's note: I saved these stories largely from things I found on the Internet and hope no one is upset with me for printing them here. There are simply so many good stories out there, that I wanted to archive them, since we all could use a good laugh from time to time. I included the name of the writer if I knew it, to try and give credit where credit is due. If anyone wants their story removed (or just their name) please contact me at and my apologies in advance to any one who will do so. You may also send me submissions that you would like me to add to this page or supply your name, if it is missing in a story I alread have.

Note: If a link is followed by this icon:, it contains videos in ASL or other Sign Languages.

golden marble bulletAbused English

golden marble bulletBeepilepsy

golden marble bulletCodas (Children of Deaf Adults)

golden marble bulletCode of Ethics

golden marble bulletDeafblind folk

golden marble bulletDeaf people in cartoons

golden marble bulletDeaf pride

golden marble bulletEducational interpreters

golden marble bulletFake deaf person

golden marble bulletFor IEP (ITP) students

golden marble bulletFor IEP (ITP) teachers

golden marble bulletFun with language

golden marble bulletGeneral Deaf humor and musings

golden marble bulletGetting serious about Deaf humor

golden marble bulletIn a spell. A fingerspell, that is.

golden marble bulletThe incredible lightness of being... a VRS interpreter

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golden marble bulletInterpreter pride

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golden marble bulletIs there an interrupter in the house?

golden marble bulletLegal interpreting

golden marble bulletMedical interpreting

golden marble bulletMental health interpreting

golden marble bulletOh Lord! Don't hear my voice!

golden marble bulletOur crazy English language!

golden marble bulletPerforming arts

golden marble bulletPoetry

golden marble bulletReligious interpreting

golden marble bulletRiddles

golden marble bulletTechnically speaking... er, signing

golden marble bulletThe strange world of the Hearing

golden marble bulletTeam interpreting

golden marble bulletThe hazards of deafness

golden marble bulletUnusual interpreting assignments

golden marble bulletWar stories

golden marble bulletWord origins

golden marble bulletWorld of Deaf humor

golden marble bulletYou can pick your assignments, and your consumer can pick his nose, but then you can't interpret that consumer's assignments

golden marble bulletYour ass-essment is on the line

golden marble bulletDecher, M. (ed.) (3 December 1999). Our stories: The soul of Sign Language interpreting. Mass Market Paperback, Gifts and Publications. ISBN: 0967399815.

Stained glass bulletinterpreterhumor. This is a group for interpreters to share their stories about the humor and well intentioned mihaps that can sometimes occur in interpreting. All stories must be in good taste and reflect real life interpreter situations. They must also be told with respect and dignity for all cultures, people, languages and countries discussed. It is a place for the interpreter to relax and enjoy some of the fun things about the job with other professionals. Welcome!

golden marble bulletMiller, K. & Goff Paris, D. You might be a Sign Language interpreter if. . . AGO Gifts and Publications. 56 pages with 23 humorous takes on life in the sign language field with black and white illustrations drawn by deaf cartoonist Bruce Hanson.

golden marble bulletVicars, B. Jokes.