Vocabulary list for information technology (computers)

David Bar-Tzur


absolute actual (not virtual) addressable advanced CMOS logic advanced Schottky alphabet alphabetic
alphabetically alphameric alphanumeric American National Standards Institute amplitude-shift keying analog analog-to-digital
Andrew file system ANSI applications engineer asynchronous asynchronous communication interface adapter asynchronous time division multiplexing asynchronous transfer mode
a-to-d attenuation automatic level control back end Berkeley standard distribution binary binary coded decimal
"bips" bit bit error rate tester block block check character branchpoint breakpoint
bug "buoy" byte capacity carry lookahead adder cascode emitter-coubled logic center frequency
characters per inch characters per line characters per second checkpoint comment committed information rate compatible
compatibility complementary binary "delsy" digital displacement downstream downtime
d-to-a dummy dynamic end-of-tape end-of-transmission executive first-in-first-out
flip flop floating-point flow formula geek global heuristic
Hewlett Packard hexadecimal hierarchy "hissy" host housekeeping hypermedia
information information technology initial program load interactive kilobyte last-in-first-out lines per inch
literal load loop-> nested ~ Lotus Intel Microsoft expanded memory specification lowercase macro
mask megabyte memory million instructions per second mnemonic modeling multi-color graphics array
multiplex nested loop noise null numerical symbols object offline
one time programmable online output overflow packet password picosecond
plastic small outline package pop pop-up processor element proprietary pulse punch
punched pushdown queue queuing real time recursive red green blue
reentrant, reentry relational relocatable research and development resident report program generator reverse Polish notation
row address strobe run length limited sag security security accounts manager sensitive serial inline package
serial in parallel out serial input and output serial output settings signal ground silicon controller switch single-instruction multiple-data
single-instruction single-data small outline package small scale integration spec(s) stack pointer staging stand-alone
storage store stream, streaming streaming tape unit string subroutine surface mount
surface mount device surge synchronous synchronous data link control synchronous time division multiplexing system network architecture systems engineer
table terminal (end point) throughput time division multiplexing time domain reflectometry time-share toggle
top-down turnaround universal product code (barcode) universal time code uppercase upstream uptime
upward compatible vertical sync very long instruction word Video Enhanced Standards Association write-once read-many zero effort channeling zero insertion force


align background button data desk-top delete directory
document double-click end-of-file end-of-line enter exit extension
field file folder font foot, footer foreground format
header I-beam icon identifier image import input
insert keyboarding left-justify link, linkage margin maximize screen menu
merge minimize screen modular module paste print print merge
prompt sort quit record return right-justify save
save as screen scroll select shift single-click spacebar
spreadsheet stack tab tab over up arrow (etc) video graphics array virtual terminal


accumulator analog multimeter analog-to-digital converter Apple arithmetic logic unit assembler
bank (data) Basic Input Output System board buffer bus cable
card central processing unit ceramic dual inline package chip circuit clock
command status register compact disk compact disk - interactive compact disk - read only memory complex instruction set computer content addressable memory
control program / monitor (operating system) control read-only memory conversational monitor system counter/timer circuit cyclic redundancy check data acquisition and control
device data terminal controller direct access storage device disk diskette disk operating system
double density double sided drive dual in line duplex, duplexed dynamic random access memory
EISA configuration utility electrically alterable read only memory electrically available read-only memory electrically erasable programmable read only memory electrically programmable logic device enhanced industry standard architecture
enhanced small device interface extended binary coded decimal interchange code extended graphics array extended memory specification Fairchild advanced Schottky TTL file transfer protocol
floppy (disk) fixed disk drive floppy disk controller floppy disk drive front end front end processor
gate array gate controller switch generic array logic general purpose interface bus graphical user interface half duplex
interface processor hard disk hard disk controller hard disk drive hard drive hardware
hardwired array logic Hercules graphics card Hewlett Packard Hewlett Packard interface bus Hewlett Packard interface loop hierarchical file system
high density high performance file system high speed CMOS high speed CMOS with TTL thresholds high threshold logic industry standard architecture
information systems network input/output processor interface interface message processor laptop local area network
logical unit number Mac MacIntosh main processing unit massively parallel processor master boot record
mean time between failures mechanism mega bits megabytes memory management unit microuter unit
microprocessing unit monitor monochrome display adapter multi-chip module multiplexer multiplying digital to analog converter
multiprocessor network file server "nick" (card) non-volatile random access memory operating system panel
permanent virtual circuit personal computer Personal Computer Memory Card International Association pin grid array plastic leaded chip carrier plug
plug and play port priority interrupt controller processor programmable logic device program counter
programmable interrupt controller programmable logic array programmable logic sequencer programmable read-only memory programmable sound generator random access memory digital to analog converter
quad-flatpack quad inline package quad surface mount raster reader read-only memory
read-only storage real time clock reduced instruction set computer redundant arrays of inexpensive disks reel register
registry repeater resistor transistor logic routing control center "sea moss" (CMOS) "scuzzy" (SCSI)
sectors sectors per track sequential access memory serial clock shift register shrink small outline package
signal processor single board computer single inline memory module single in-line package single inline pinned package single processor unit
small outline j-leaded spool static random access memory tape terminal Texas Instruments
track tracks per inch translation-lookaside buffer universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter universal synchronous/asynchronous receiver/transmitter upgrade
upper memory clock verifier Versa module Eurocard VESA local bus video look up table video random access memory
virtual memory watch dog timer wide area network zigzag inline package


cap lock center-click click-> center-~ double-~ left-~ right-~
single-~ control (key) create (key) cursor drag justify-> left-~
right-~ key keyboard mouse numeric keypad numerical control


abend abort access acknowledge address align assembly
authenticate back-up batch batched billions of floating point operations per second bits per inch bits per second
bomb boot break-down bump calculate call (a program) carriage return
carrier detect catalog cataloged chain/ed/ing chip select clear to send clocks per instruction
cold start collate column-address strobe command compilation compile concatenate
configuration control strobe conversion convert crash data avaliable data carrier detect (protocol signal)
data parity error data set ready data strobe data terminal ready (protcol signal) data valid (logic signal) debug decode
defrag, defragmentation deress decrement default delete diagnostic disable
display distribute distributed double-click download drag dump
empty (trash, v) enable enabled encode encrypt encryption enter
entry erasable erase error checking and correction exec execute exit
first in last out format form feed fractionate frequency division multiplexing full-duplex transmission hash
implement import increment initialize input input/output inquiry
insert install iterate, iteration, iterative interrupt request justify-> left-~ right-~
keyboarding keypunch kilobits per second least significant bit least significant digit left-justify linear predictive coding
link, linkage log off log on maintenance mark merge million bytes per second
millions of floating point operations per second millions of instructions per second millions of operations per second most significant bit most significant digit multiple-instruction multiple-data multiple-instruction single-data
nest nested non-maskable interrupt non return to zero non return to zero invert no operation open systems interconnect
operate operation pack, packed partition paste phase shift keying ping
plug in a board point-to-point protocol postmortem power on self test print print merge program
query quit read modify write real time interrupt receive data recover, recovery Reed Solomon (error correction)
relocate relocation remote procedure call request for comments request to send retrieval, retrieve return
right-justify run (operate) save save as scan scroll select
shift shut down sign off sign on simulate, simulation single-click sort
terminate and stay resident time division multiplexing time sharing transmission control protocol/internet protocol unpack unpacked update
updated upload user datagram protocol verification verify voice operated transmit wait before ackowledge
wait state


asynchronous digital subscriber line attached unit interface brouter data circuit-terminating equipment data terminating equipment digital subscriber line dots per inch
high digital subscriber line line driver line feed lines per minute line printer modem music instrument digital interface
peripheral peripheral interface adapter plotter printer router scanner "scuzzy"
serial communication interface serial to parallel interface Shugart Associates standard interface single digital subscriber line small computer system interface small computer system interface fast small computer system interface wide
very high digital subscriber line


algorithm animation Apple application artificial intelligence browser bulletin board system
calculator cam cascade emitter-coupled logic code coding color graphics adapter computer assisted design
computer assisted design and analysis computer assisted design and development computer assisted engineering computer assisted instruction computer assisted manufacturing computer assisted software engineering data base
data encryption standard data processing data set DESQview device input format direct memory access electronic data processing
e-mail enhanced graphics adapter erasable programmable logic device erasable programmable read-only memory expanded memory manager expanded memory specification field-programmable gate array
field-programmable logic array field-programmable logic sequencer file allocation table first-in, first-out memory flowchart instruction Internet
Job Control Language job entry subsystem joint users group journaled file system large scale integration link, linkage list serv, list server
Mac MacIntosh magnetic ink character recognition management information system medium scale integration Microcom network protocol Microsoft
Microsoft disk operating system Motorola emitter coupled logic Open Software Foundation Netscape network optical character recognition Pascal
positional system program programmable array logic programmer programming Programming Language I real time operating system
release (of a product) remote job entry right-click routine serial line internet protocol simulator software
structured query language third party applications Unix to Unix copy program utility/utilities view virtual virtual reality
volume table of contents walk through word processing zip (disk)

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