Vocabulary list for Deafblind

David Bar-Tzur

AADB blind braille brailler cane cataract close vision interpreting
copy sign DBSC Deafblind delegate deteriorate (hearing or vision) glaucoma guide dog
hearing ear dog HKNC intervener Japanese fingerbraille Lighthouse for the Blind macular degeneration magnification
magnify mobility myopia, myopic near-sighted/ness night blindness orientation orientation and mobility
peripheral vision relay interpreting retinal detachment retinitis pigmentosa sensitive shadow sighted person
Smith, Theresa SSP Support Service Provider tactile tactile communication tactile fingerspelling tactual
Tadoma Method tracking Usher syndrome vision vision loss WSDBC

For the signs for these terms, see Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary.

For additional relevant terms, see "Audiology" and "Hearing loss" under Vocabulary list for health.