Vocabulary list for units of measurement

David Bar-Tzur


ampere ampere hour angstrom atmosphere atomic mass unit baud bel
billion electron volts billions of floating point operations per second British Thermal Unit by ("four ~ six feet") byte calorie candela
candela per square foot candela per square meter centi- centimeter centimeter-gram-second coulomb cubic centimeter
cubic feet per minute cubic feet per second cubic inch cubic meter cubic meters per second cycles per second deci-
decibel decibel referred to one milliwatt degree Celsius degree Fahrenheit degree Kelvin deka- dyne
electron volt erg farad foot footcandle footlambert foot per minute
foot per second foot-pound gauss giga- gigahertz gram heating degree days
hecto- henry Hertz hour inch inch per second joule
joule-second Kelvin kilo- kiloampere kilobits per second kilobyte kilocalorie
kiloelectron volts kilogram kilohertz kilohm kilojoule kilometer kilometer per hour
kilovolt kilovoltampere kilowatt kilowatt-hour lambert liter liter per second
lumen lumen per square foot lumen per square meter lumen per watt lumen-second lux mega-
megabyte megahertz megaohm meter meter-kilogram-second meters per second meters per second squared
metric system micro- microampere microfarad microgram microhenry micrometer
micromho micron microvolt microwatt mho mil milli-
milliampere milligram millihenry milliliter millimeter millisecond millisiemens
millivolt milliwatt minute nano- nanoampere nanofarad nanohenry
nanometer nanosecond nanowatt neper newton newton-meter newton per square meter
ohm ounce parts per million pascal pico- picoampere picofarad
picosecond picowatt pound pound-mass pound-force per square inch pound per square inch psi-a (absolute)
psi-g (gauge) radian revolutions per minute revolutions per second second siemens square centimeter
square foot square inch square meter square yard steradian tera- terahertz
unit var volt volt ampere watt watt per steradian watt per steradian square meter
weber yard

For the signs for these terms, see Signs for technical/specialized vocabulary.